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AI Straws Held By The NI Dexter Cattle Group

The NI Dexter Cattle Group holds a variety of Pedigree Dexter AI straws.

These straws have been chosen with the expertise and experience of one of our founding members Deirdre Hilton. Deirdre’s longstanding relationships across the UK and Ireland wide Dexter cattle circuit best place her to choose excellent AI bulls for a range of qualities. These choices are based on a review of the bulls breeding, progeny, show ring success and value for money.

Requests for straws should be made 2 weeks in advance of when the straw is required and must be paid in full before processing will begin. We shall arrange for the AI straw to be sent to your nearest AI holding station or to your own flask.

Deirdre is more than happy to chat through your requirements and help you choose the right bull.

To purchase AI straws please contact Deirdre Hilton directly on 028 29 540 381

Individual AI straws cost £18 for members and £23 for non members of The NI Dexter Cattle Group. However, Donardgrange Rob is £5 for members.

A list of current AI straws are listed below.


Canwell Sooty

Canwell Sooty M5957
Black Non-short
Carries red gene
Sire - Canwell Saracen M4886
Dam - Tyrebecca Sara - F28714

thumbnail (4).jpg

Rathnafishogue T-Bone

Rathnafishogue T-Bone EX96
Black Non-short
Carries red gene
Sire - Cornahair Outlaw M2906
Dam - Dolmelys Madge F33990


Stargate Sorceror

Stargate Sorceror M5160
Red Non-short
Pure red
Sire - Brereton Merlin M3988
Dam - Sherwood Candice F20330


Stargate Robin the Hood

Stargate Robin the Hood M5850
Black Non-short
Carries red and dun genes
Sire - Orchmar Dormouse M5139
Dam - Sherwood Candice F20330


Oldstone Bambi

Oldstone bambi M5424
Red short
Can throw black calves
Sire - Stargate Pendragon M4697
Dam Oldstone Bella F20741


Donardgrange Rob

Donardgrange Rob M2807
Red Non-short
Pure red
Sire - Knotting Mossdale M2574
Dam - Knotting Ladyruroluc F12219

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